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Atari takes on Wii Fit with floor mat-based Family Trainer game

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It looks like Atari is taking a few cues from Nintendo's past in order to take on the hot-selling Wii Fit, with the company's new Family Trainer game employing a Power Pad-style (or DDR-style for you young 'uns) mat controller to give you a workout. That'll apparently let you run and jump your way through more than a dozen mini-games designed to get your heart rate going, including log jumping, rope skipping and water rafting, each of which also make use of the Wiimote for some upper-body action. No word on a price just yet, but it'll apparently be landing in Europe first this September before it (presumably) makes its way over here.

[Via TG Daily]

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[Image courtesy Celebrity Blackberry Sightings]


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兩輪,但輪胎平行地擺放方式讓它看起來又不像一般機車;有儀表版,但上面就只有一個啟動開關;造型前衛外形酷炫,卻又不是出現在電影的場景裡的動畫作品,而是貨真價實,出現在現實生活中的未來機車:這,就是 Uno。

這部由 Ben J. Poss Gulak 這位十八歲的春風少年兄所設計製作的 Uno,與其說它是部機車,倒不如說是台類似 Segway 的交通工具更為合適。這部身長只有一般機車的一半,重達 54 公斤的機器,裡頭裝設有兩個回轉儀,能夠用來感測騎乘者重心的位置,因此操作這台機器的方式也就變得更為直覺:重心向前 = 加速、向後 = 減速,左右傾斜 = 轉彎。至於採用的燃料種類為何?續航力?以及極速這些問題,目前則尚未有任何公開報導或是測試數據出現。

所以呢,也只能點選引用來源來看到更多的 Uno 照片寫真囉!

[圖片引用來源:Motorcyclemojo 來自 Jetdrop]

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凝聚網上力量 參與四川賑災

attEE.jpg                                                            凝聚網上力量  參與四川賑災


對於在5月12日(星期一) 剛剛發生的四川災難所帶來不幸,令到內地同胞痛失家園、至親至愛慘逢劇變的遭遇,我們深表哀痛及致以深切的慰問。這突如其來的災難,無情地奪去超過一萬四千名寶貴生命,直接影響高達一億人口的生計。社會各界現正進行多方面的救危、援助工作,協助遭遇不幸的同胞早日脫離苦難。我們藉此呼籲所有「.hk」客戶和同業好友慷慨捐款,更透過正籌備「網上賑災」網站,凝聚網上力量,使各界更快、有效地獲得有關四川賑災的資訊和作出相應關懷行動。
1.          十八區民政事務處的二十個公眾諮詢中心及各區郵局(流動郵局除外), 將於辦公時間內會集市民捐款。
2.          市民請盡量以支票方式捐款,支票抬頭須寫上「香港特別行政區政府」。捐款人士將可獲發收據。
3.          市民亦可將現金捐款交入HSBC銀行戶口「502-256803-001」。

團結就是力量!請即行動,將希望送達四川災區。有關進一步資料,請留意稍後的新聞稿公佈。如有任何查詢,請電郵 donations@hkdnr.hk 。
香港互聯網註冊管理有限公司  謹啟

Unit Our Care on the Net      Help the Needed in Sichuan
Dear Sir/Madam,
Here we would like to express our deepest sympathy and concern to the Sichuan victims who had devastatingly lost their homes, relatives and friends on Monday (May 12).  This sudden disaster had caused the lives of more than 14,000, directly affected the livelihood of 10 million people.  While relief operations were undergoing rapidly by various parties, we hope that stranded victims could soon break away from this trauma.  As such, we would like to call for all ‘.hk’ customers and industry partners for donations. Also, we are preparing to launch a ‘QuickRelief.hk’ website where all parties could browse related quake information promptly and show their care accordingly.
Those who are ready to help the victims through donations may make use of the following Home Affairs Department channels. All donations will be passed to the Red Cross, World Vision, Oxfam, the United Nations Children’s Fund and the Salvation Army for Emergency relief in Sichuan:
1.          The Public Enquiries Services Centres of the 18 District Offices, and Post Offices, will start collecting donations during office hours. 
2.          People are encouraged to donate by cheque made out to “The Secretary for Home Affairs Incorporated – Donations”.  
3.          Cash donations can be paid to HSBC account number 502-256803-001. 
Please take action now to show the power of united care.  Please watch out for upcoming news announcements for further details.
For enquiries relating to the disaster, please email to donations@hkdnr.hk.
Yours sincerely,
Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited
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